Artisan Roasting

Artisan roasting: A taste revelation!

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Artisan Roasting is a process that requires knowledge, talent, coordination of the senses and imagination.

At Coffee Island we experiment freely! We hand roast small quantities of coffee beans and with true coffee artistry we take our findings the roaster, after discovering the perfect roasting curve for every variety! We utilize modern latest technology machinery and special software so that we can accurately repeat our results on a large productive scale.

First of all, however comes man! “The coffee maestro”, literally plays with fire to achieve the perfect temperature, until he hears the first crack. He uses all his senses, vision to observe the way the color of the beans changes and the fluctuation in their size. Scent to analyze the different aromas that are produced and hearing so that he can listen to the first crack.

Roasting is a complicated process and is directly dependent on none other than the coffee bean itself!

Every coffee bean is different in characteristics and requires special treatment and processing! The differences are so subtle that they can be observed not only in beans that come from different areas, varieties or crops but also in beans that are made in the same farm! The conditions in which they are farmed and dried can result in a totally different taste experience. With Artisan Roasting we manage to unlock and enhance the secret flavors of each variety.

Artisan Roasting is not an automated process. As differences are noticed from coffee sack to coffee sack, we pay special attention each time we roast and this allows us to take the best out of what every coffee bean has to offer.

What roasting means when it comes to the bean!

At Coffee Island, the basic element of our method is to never leave the coffee out of our sights! From the moment we receive the sacks there is a person overseeing every step of the process. For us Roasting is an art and not just a simple procedure. Man pays the most important role! Our machinery is only as effective as the man that uses them allows them to be.

The beans are roasted at 150-250 degrees. The amino acids and sugars they contain interact by changing the color of the beans from green to brown. Their ingredients caramelize while hundreds of reactions take part that help in producing an amazing range of flavors and aromas.

The whole process takes anywhere between 10 and 20 minutes, depending on the variety and what our goal is. The experience however, is intense. Subtle changes in smell and color will tell us if out coffee beans are ready. We must always be ready to understand every small change. Our coffee is our obsession and passion.

Karatina Artisan Roasting

We were recently to face an interesting challenge as to Artisan Roasting with our new addition to the Microfarm Project®, Kenya AA Karatina. It is another variety, from the Karatina area at the south of the Kenya mountain. We have been closely collaborating with the Karatina cooperative of the Nyeri area, with over 4000 farmers with experience and tradition in producing high quality coffee, having achieved global fame for the high quality of their production.

The particular variety is cultivated in rich volcanic, sandy soil and its processing is done using the wet method. The beans are washed in waters from the river Ragati and are fermented in 2 tanks for 12-24 hours at a time until they are naturally dried on specially made beds so that their amino acids and proteins can develop, causing the production of higher acidity and more complicated fruit aromas, the characteristic tastes of Kenyan coffee.

We have managed to find the appropriate recipe for roasting so that we can show off these aromas. Our team here at Coffee Island, has dedicated many hours’ test roasting and discovering flavors, so that we can discover the correct roasting temperature, for this particular variety and the special needs it has.

The process that gives us the ability to experiment with the different methods of roasting is called Sample Roasting or micro-roasting. It is a process requiring special training and specific knowledge that we will analyze better in our next post!

We invest time and energy in finding the best varieties and most original flavors for your cup.

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Our philosophy

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We believe and invest, in the science of coffee!

At Coffee Island everything is done scientifically, with great attention to detail… from picking the beans from the best farms, to continuous supervision and staff training.

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