Artisan Roasting

Artisan Roasting

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Follow our magical process of roasting!

At coffee Island we believe that coffee is a science and we show it in every step of the process we follow to make it, from farming to the final product in your cup.

Roasting is an essential step so that coffee can acquire its trademark characteristics and show off its rich taste at the highest level possible.

Every coffee is unique! The varieties we pick come from different parts of the world, its fruit are processed in their own separate way and develop their own flavors. By choosing the appropriate way of roasting, the ideal recipe, we accomplish in highlighting the essence of every variety, its unique flavors and aromas that we can show of in our final product so that the perfect taste can be experienced.

What is Artisan Roasting?

The characterization of artisan comes from French and suggests the existence of an experienced and hardworking person who likes to create with his own two hands. This experience and ability help the artisan leach the level of a real artist!

Today, the term is used to signify that the production process is supervised by an expert in the field, and that parts of this process are done by hand.

Roasting at Coffee Island

At coffee Island Roasting is relies on our people! Our experienced Sample Roaster tries and selects the best roasting curve and depending on the coffee variety so that the green coffee bean samples we acquire can reveal all their characteristics.

The careful combination of utilizing latest technology, our experience, knowledge and artistry of the people here at Coffee Island, allows us to find the correct balance of roasting the necessary quantities and the artisan roasting that takes place in at small roasting establishments.

We give our large scale roasting the attention and care that coffee craftsmen give to coffee in a much smaller scale production, because we care for perfection! We use modern machinery so that we can better control the process, but as is the case with everything, it is man who makes the difference, when he utilizes his artistry and experience. Sterile industrial roasting is not what expresses the philosophy of our company so we have enlisted employees with a deep knowledge of coffee and inspiration and work ethic.

Working with coffee is the experience of a lifetime! Learning its secrets can also take a lifetime. It is a journey of constant improvement. Our team knows this and constantly evolves in this sector by increasing and honing its potential.

Stay tuned and meet the people of coffee that will talk to us about coffee, the secrets and artisan practices in following posts!

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Our philosophy

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We believe and invest, in the science of coffee!

At Coffee Island everything is done scientifically, with great attention to detail… from picking the beans from the best farms, to continuous supervision and staff training.

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