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Coffee Island is celebrating International coffee day

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International Coffee day is a celebration that symbolizes diversity, quality and a passion for coffee. We at Coffee Island have to be a part of this celebration!

We join forces with the 75 member states of ICO (International Coffee Organization) and tens of coffee clubs from around the world to celebrate the International Coffee Day on October 1st of 2016.

We invite all coffee lovers to visit their closest Coffee Island store and enjoy the most complete coffee experience. We must mention that the International Coffee day symbolizes our support for millions of farmers whose survival depends solely on the cultivation of coffee trees.

Because of the occasion we can summarize the main point of our philosophy by mentioning the following:

  • Immediate partnership with farmers
  • Creation of mutually beneficial relationships based on the respect for isolated producers and cooperatives in coffee producing countries
  • Sustainable and long-term agreements
  • Trust and insurance on the methods used for gathering and processing of coffee and on our business with the Greek market.
  • Dialog and exchange of expertise that gives us the ability to provide high quality coffee by preserving all the special characteristics of its origin.


With the help of our success, here at Coffee Island we are preparing to welcome this day with joy by constantly challenging our palates so that we can offer you the best tastes. At October 1st, the international coffee day, we welcome you to all our coffee shops so we can celebrate together and taste the new Coffee Island’s MicroFarm Project® Specialty limited edition coffee, the El Salvador Pacamara Natural!






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General Articles

It’s Christmas Time!

Christmas... What do we think and what do we feel when we listen to that word? Colors, lights, aromas, Christmas food, New Year’s pie – melomakarona, honey flavored desserts – kourabiedes, sugared buns, more time with friends and family, maybe a trip, the last day at the office working till very late but then  definitely having some days off. If we think this through, all these little things make us joyful and we smile as if we were careless young children.

Our philosophy

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We believe and invest, in the science of coffee!

At Coffee Island everything is done scientifically, with great attention to detail… from picking the beans from the best farms, to continuous supervision and staff training.

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