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Decaf? Yes, please!

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Decaf coffee was made so that everyone can enjoy the taste and aroma of coffee, even the people that would rather not consume caffeine.

There are many different methods of decaffeinating, others use chemical agents, carbon dioxide or even simply water. Most methods involve the use of chemicals that remove caffeine molecules from green coffee beans, leaving behind traces of caffeine but also of the chemical agents.

One of the most modern and technologically advanced methods of decaffeinating is the “swiss method” (Swiss Water® process). It is a 100% natural procedure that does not make use of chemical means but utilizes water from the spring of British Columbia in Canada. The “Swiss Method”- that is the property of the Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Company Inc. is a 100% natural procedure that takes lce in a factory in Canada.

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The green beans are rinsed with the use of clean water and are prepared for the extraction of caffeine. The same water is recycled and becomes saturated and through a special filter washes away the caffeine without affecting the sugars and other substances that are important for the aroma and flavor of the coffee. The result is a coffee 99.9% free from caffeine with a rich taste, aroma and feel, something that you can tell from a simple cup of coffee.


Panagiotis Konstantinopoulos

Authorized Scae Trainer- Coffee Diploma Awarded- Research & Development on Coffee Island



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General Articles

Coffee and Health

A lot has been written and a lot more has been said about coffee and its most know ingredient, caffeine. More and more people are claiming to be experts and have their own opinions on the destructive or positive effects of coffee.

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