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This is the 13th #specialty coffee of MICROFARM PROJECT®, which is Limited Edition coffee and of course 100% Arabica.

Kenya Masai

This is the 13th #specialty coffee of MICROFARM PROJECT®, which is Limited Edition coffee and of course 100% Arabica.

We traveled to Africa and we met Maasai coffee beans from producers of the homonym breed, who gave their name to our new MICROFARM PROJECT® KENYA MAASAI. Maasai, apart from livestock farming, grow coffee trees in small farms in the Kiambu highlands at an altitude above 1900m, at the foot of Mount Kenya. Kenya stands out for its special and high-quality coffees. The variety K7 from where Kenya Maasai originates is often associated with the Bourbon variety. The method of processing coffee is called Kenyan Washed or Double Fermentation, ie double fermentation.

Tasty profile

Dried fig and hazelnut flavor, mandarin flavor and butterscotch candy, full body and lasting aftertaste.

Shall we propose the ultimate option?

Kenya Maasai matches all beverages. There is one drink though that makes an impression. Freddo espresso with Kenya Maasai! The next level!

And if you are an experienced home barista, you can always buy the 200g sachet and we can grind it for you. So enjoyment is not limited to a Coffee Island coffee machine. A Kenya Maasai coffee cup accompanies you at home, at work, on holidays..

You can enjoy the new Kenya Maasai coffee here:


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MicroFarm Project

Microfarm Project: Ethiopia Sidama Ardi

Ethiopia returns with a new tasteful delight!  The country with the largest coffee production in Africa offers us another pleasure named, Specialty Ethiopia Sidama Ardi. Ethiopia produces a large range of coffee beans from each area, with characteristics that differ from place to place and are therefore considered as the best and highest quality varieties worldwide. Ethiopia Sidama Ardi is of course part of this list and is a coffee variety with long history.

Our philosophy

lowe lowe

We believe and invest, in the science of coffee!

At Coffee Island everything is done scientifically, with great attention to detail… from picking the beans from the best farms, to continuous supervision and staff training.

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